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30% club set to launch in Australia

Target set for number of females appointed to ASX 200 boards.

The 30% Club, is set to formally launch in Australia on Tuesday, with the nation’s most influential company directors spearheading a campaign to achieve 30 per cent female representation on ASX 200 boards by 2018.

Chairs and Directors of a substantial majority of the top ASX 30 have already pledged their commitment to the target in a series of informal discussions, as...

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Top Tips on Becoming a Non-Executive Director

Some invaluable advice from Tracey Bleakley, Chief Executive of the Association of Police and Crime Commissioners, a non-executive director of the Insolvency Service, a trustee of the Money Advice Trust (which runs National Debtline and Business Debtline) and a member of BBC Charity Advisory Committee.

Applying for your first non-executive role can be a minefield and it’s so easy to become discouraged. I know so many dynamic,...

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By investing in women, you invest in business: Nicky Morgan, MP

Women and Equalities Minister, Nicky Morgan MP, spoke at the launch of Cranfield University’s Female FTSE 2015 on 25th March 2015. Below is the full transcript of her speech.

Thank you Vince [Cable]. I agree that whilst we have achieved so much, there is still some way to go, and that building up executives of the future is a particularly important development.

Thank you also to Cranfield for inviting...

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The Lord Davies Women on Boards Annual update – The Investor Perspective

This morning the Davies Committee published their latest report - the 2015 Lord Davies Women on Boards Annual update.

The good news is that the goal set by Lord Davies to have 25% of women directors on FTSE 100 boards by the end of 2015 is within reach.

Given the current rate of director turnover and proportion of new appointments going to women, we expect that the year end outcome will lie somewhere...

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Women build presence on world monetary stage

Gradual increase in female central banking presence after Yellen takes Fed helm

Female central bankers are building up influence across monetary authorities around the world, although they are still a long way from launching a full-scale assault on what has traditionally been an all-male bastion. The OMFIF (Official Monetary & Financial Institutions Forum) Index of Female Central Bankers nearly doubled last year, rising to 1.85 on 31 December (compared with a maximum score...

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Ethnic minority targets – a follow up

We have received a number of queries about the initial blog in which we suggested that having another target may not be the best way to achieve further diversity from here.

As well as the exciting progress towards more women on boards that our original target (and Lord Davies’) has encouraged over the past four years, it is clear that there is now a very different view of what makes...

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Ethnic minorities on boards

We greeted the news that Vince Cable is to launch a drive to target 20% ethnic minorities on FTSE 100 boards by 2020 with mixed feelings. Setting more and more targets for companies, however well-intentioned, just leads to gridlock and possibly resentment. It is far better to keep going in the journey towards cultural change with a focus on improved corporate governance, than to overly socially engineer things by creating yet more targets.


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30% Club activities in the US

It’s been a busy few weeks for the 30% Club!

Our US arm, which launched in April, continues to go from strength to strength. We hit both the East and West coasts of the US in 24 hours on 10th October. Starting in Washington DC, we held a breakfast, hosted by KPMG, alongside the annual meeting of the International Monetary Fund, with almost 100 guests from around the world drawn mainly from...

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