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Raising the Bar

There are very few moments in our lives and careers, where we can play a role in shaping history. The magnitude of challenges facing women in the workplace range in size and scope, but the need for better board room representation is acute. This was validated when we learned in 2013 the disturbing fact that if nothing changes it would take 75 years to reach gender parity on corporate boards.

It helps to...

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By investing in women, you invest in business: Nicky Morgan, MP

Women and Equalities Minister, Nicky Morgan MP, spoke at the launch of Cranfield University’s Female FTSE 2015 on 25th March 2015. Below is the full transcript of her speech.

Thank you Vince [Cable]. I agree that whilst we have achieved so much, there is still some way to go, and that building up executives of the future is a particularly important development.

Thank you also to Cranfield for inviting...

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The 30% Club in Southern Africa

The 30% Club in Southern Africa recently hosted their first annual

30% Club Southern Africa Members Dinner. Minister of Women in the Presidency, Susan Shabangu gave a speech where she focused on the education and training of women, women in power and decision making, and women and the economy, referencing an Ethiopian proverb that says “Where a woman rules, streams run uphill”.

The African Union, which aims for 50% female...

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This year will be a milestone for more equal boards

This article was originally written by Helena Morrissey and appeared in the Sunday Telegraph on 18th January 2015.

This year is a landmark year for those of us campaigning for a better balance of men and women on corporate boards: both the 30pc Club’s original aim to have at least 30pc of women directors on FTSE 100 boards and Lord Davies’ minimum recommendation of 25pc, have this year-end as our...

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The Evolution of the Board

We hosted a seminar in London last Thursday with the Davies Committee focused on the evolution of the board. The seminar gave perspectives of FTSE 100 and FTSE 250 Chairs and SIDs, board reviewers and fund managers, and was a real checkpoint on whether we need a more radical rethink about the approach to board effectiveness.

The UK has travelled a long way towards better boards, but we need to stand back and...

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Norway’s Quota – A Decade On

In 2003, and accompanied by fierce debate, Norway became the first country to pass a law legislating for 40% female representation on the boards of publicly listed companies. New research published today by four female academics looks at the impact of this board quota and draws some very interesting (and stark) conclusions.

On a headline level women do now make up 40.7% of NED positions at listed companies in Norway, and while it would...

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