UN recognises Deloitte UK Chief Executive with gender equality award

Given Deloitte's huge support of the 30% Club, we are delighted to see that David Sproul, Senior Partner and Chief Executive, Deloitte UK, received a United Nations (UN) award for his demonstrated commitment to and implementation of policies that advance and empower women in the workplace, marketplace and community. The award included recognition of Deloitte’s use of concrete data to drive ‘a cross-cutting gender equality strategy throughout business operations’.

Over 300 leaders from business, civil society, Government and the UN gathered at the UN Headquarters in New York City on Tuesday 15th March for the 2016 Women’s Empowerment Principles (WEPs) event, Business Partners for Gender Equality: Multipliers for Development. Participants examined how diverse companies around the world are implementing the Women’s Empowerment Principles (WEPs).

On receipt of the award David said: “I am honoured by this recognition of the work we have done at Deloitte to make gender equality a business priority. The imperative for greater gender equality is clear for all businesses, not just morally but commercially. For Deloitte it’s critical to how we run our business, retain talented individuals and best serve our clients. Equally, we know it is something our clients care about too.

“Last year we published details of our gender pay gap, outlining the measures we are undertaking to address it. This was a critical step in showing that we are serious about tackling gender diversity in our firm. While our gap did not surprise us, and in reality proved what we knew, it enabled us to confirm that we are focusing on the right actions, namely: attracting more women into our firm; enabling their development; and providing an environment within which they can balance a successful career with life outside work. Supporting our broader approach to diversity, it is not just about programmes – it is also about ensuring that the culture is appropriate.

“We have an ambition that 25% of our partners will be women by 2020 and in June we announced the promotion of 22 new female partners. This is driving the culture of opportunity we are creating across the firm. We have also taken a number of steps to support these objectives, most recently introducing a return-to-work programme designed to support women back into employment. Another important move was Deloitte’s WorkAgility initiative, where the firm provides its people with the ability to be agile in terms of how, when and where they work. This provides a working environment where people can balance a successful career with their daily lives, whether that be for family commitments or other outside interests."

Huge congratulations from the 30% Club to both David and Deloitte!